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Crack open a cold one and join co-hosts Aaron and Brett on an exhilarating journey filled with laughter, enlightenment, and the tantalizing flavors of craft beer from around the world. Welcome to Are You Sh!#ing Me?, the podcast where the realms of random facts and profound knowledge collide.

From the peculiar to the thought-provoking, each episode delves into a fresh and captivating topic. Uncover the mysteries of the universe or explore the intricate nuances of human nature as Aaron and Brett engage in lively banter and deliver side-splitting commentary.

Discover why Are You Sh!#ing Me? has quickly become a must-listen podcast for those in search of a delightful fusion of humor, knowledge, and the finest brews.




Aaron is a content creator and marketing guru by day, but as the sun sets and the stars illuminate the sky, he transforms into the intergalactic bassist of the cosmic groove band ‘Humans Among Us’. Additionally, he is a weekend novelist, passionate collector, and wanderlust-driven explorer. He has experienced exotic realms, triumphed over Mt. Fuji, danced among sharks in the deep sea, trekked through vast European landscapes, conquered the Swiss Alps on skis, shared a meal with the Dalai Lama, emerged victorious in a Far East jungle armed with only a poncho and a machete, and is currently embarking on a Didgeridoo odyssey. All true! 

Brett is a father, entrepreneur, small business owner, food fanatic and beer geek. Proud Army brat who has been to 44 states and several countries. Constant critic of hotels, restaurants, and retail businesses that lack cleanliness or customer service. (Seriously. What’s happened to service?) Absolutely not… I repeat… NOT a hoarder. But owner of a lot of crap.  And a lot of beer.

All-around swell guy.  And not as wordy as Aaron.


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